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PurpleC (Purpose) the Malawian born and raised reggae dance hall artist. Here is a behind the scenes of his music career following the challenges and the successes he has met along the way.
Let us take it way back at the age of 10 in 2009 he was still at a tender age, he decided to record his first song in the most interesting and possible way he could then by using headphones and a laptop to do the editing. At that moment he was recording hip-hop which is a very different genre from what he actually does now, what made him do this genre was the fact that it was a common genre (actually hip-hop has always been very popular). Later on he then sat down and listened to what he had made and he just couldn’t connect with it.
In 2011 after finally establishing that he couldn’t connect with that genre he then decided to just focus on figuring himself just like most teenagers at this time and focus on his academics as well, so he took time off till 2014.
In 2014 when he had gotten to college, he got so much inspiration from the things he saw and experienced but he did not know how he could express them, and so started to rediscover music again. This time around with some influence from his friends he began to listen to reggae dance hall music. He felt the connection with this genre but was afraid to pursue it due to people’s criticism, people would automatically mark that either he had to be a certain way or behave a certain way to do such a genre. His Love for music and this genre was his drive.
Then he got involved with Munshyn Records, where he was being mentored about the reggae and dance hall genre by learning the pros and cons.
In 2015 the producer at Munshyn Records suggested a rid dim beat called Happy time and asked him to jump on it, but to record it somewhere else. That was when he met Abstract records and booked a studio session. The abstract producer had given him a call prior to their session, and when he heard the sample in acapella he was called in the same day to record and that was how Hot like a sun came about.
After two more songs they were convinced about his talent and drive, they offered him to record for free. That’s when the first project Random Intentions came about. He went out and distributed the mixtape to radio DJs and the feedback he got was so discouraging, he was told “This kind of music could not be embraced by Malawians”. Which took a toll on him, whether to go on or to just give up. He then decided to go on for he had the passion and he knew people would relate to his music.
So after the mixtape he chose to shoot a video for Hot like a sun. The video was a huge success that the same radio DJs that could not even spare two minutes to listen to the mixtape started looking for him for interviews.
With a few more releases from 2015 to 2016 another hit was released in 2016 called Heart, he released the song and the video which got a lot of positive feedback from his fans nationwide. In 2016 got his first nomination at the Urban Music Party Awards (UMP) for Best New artist and Dance Hall artist.
He then had a few more releases from 2016 to 2017 including another music video Not at all. Then in 2017 he was the nominated at the Nyasa Music Awards for Best New artist, which he successfully won. Then released a hit single Good Life that had a huge nationwide response. He was charged up for the year and later released a video for the hit. As well as within the same year released the Extraordinary (X.O) Album which also had a good response from his loyal fans.
In 2018 he got his second nomination at the Nyasa Music Awards for two categories this time around for Best Dance Hall artist and Best Video- Good Life, and of course he successfully won the Best Video-Good Life award.
The future looks bright for this young star in the making. Looking forward to more releases. Well All the Best Purple


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