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[A Must Read] “My Mates Are” – This Statement Can Ruin You No Matter How Hardworking You Are

Hello everyone,

My name is Makinde Azeez (The same boy behind Naijaloaded) 😉

Today, while I was busy thrashing some documents and uninstalling some unused software on my Laptop, I stumbled upon this Article I wrote many years ago and I decided to share with you as it will help a lot of Youth.

My Mates Are” – This Phrase/Words/Sentence/Statement or whatever it may be (I sincerely do not know what to call it) has destroyed uncountable numbers of young & industrious youthswho are comparing their lives with that of others.

With the wide penetration of Social media platforms, this statement has killed, demoralized, ended so many dreams as youths tend to start comparing their lives with that of Friends who looks dapper/fresher or living large as seen on the Internet without knowing their real worth.

Truth be told, 80% of us feel bitter & frustrated whenever we see our mates doing great on Social media without knowing if they are the real owner of what is making us hate our life or feel bitter about ourselves.


Whenever you seem to be lost in thought when comparing yourself with your Friends who are already doing great things, Remember 👇

1. Your mates are lying helplessly in the Mortuary

2. Your mates are languishing in Jail

3. Your mates are in Igbobi (Waiting for their Leg or hand to be amputated).

4. Your mates are in the Hospital terribly sick and receiving Treatment with no green sign showing they will leave anytime soon.

Remember all this!

Stop Comparing Yourself With Others & Live Your Own Beautiful Life

Have you ever found yourself reading about a celebrity, or looking at someone/a friend’s Facebook or Instagram page, wishing that you were in their shoes, and agonizing about the fact that they are better than you 😥

We’re human, and in today’s world — between the reality TV, news, and social media — people’s personal lives are thrown in our faces everywhere we look.

Comparison to others contributes to unhappiness in huge ways, because the result you’re looking for is almost always impossible.

Sure, it’s fine to have positive role models who help you evolve into your best self. But it’s different when you find yourself getting sad and feeling inadequate when hearing about or seeing other people’s lives.

Comparison is natural, but if you’re constantly trying to be like others it’s a huge red flag that you need to do some soul searching, realize what’s important in life, and learn how to maximize the unique opportunities of your own life


1. Comparing your life with that of others will slow down or interrupt your Journey to Greatness.

2. Many lives has been destroyed while looking for means to level up with Friends as they keep dwelling in the “My Friends are this & that” palava which eventually push them towards the wrong directions.

3. No late comer in life (Your friend might acquire a Benz before you but the truth is, no matter when you buy yours, it will still be called a Benz”.


1. Think about how unique your life is and celebrate it

Things that seem horrible to you about yourself are more interesting than you realize. Maybe you speak two languages, or grew up somewhere different.

Perhaps you spend your weekends scouring through thrift stores in a city, or surfing at your nearest beach, or taking a beautiful walk in the woods. All of these little things come together to make you, YOU.

No one else has walked your path, and that’s an honor. Live your own life to its fullest potential, and do everything you do with complete passion, sincerity, and a smile on your face.

2. Learn to be happy for others

Learn to recognize jealousy and transform it into feeling happy for the person in question.

In turn, be happy for yourself. Happy for your health, your job, the people in your life, and your experiences.

3. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, good or bad

Realize that people are also in their own unique situations. Stop thinking you’re inadequate, and definitely don’t look at anyone else and think you’re better than her.

You wouldn’t want anyone doing that to you, so plant some good seeds by keeping a neutral, non-judgmental view of people.

4. Realize that people showcase the best of themselves on Social media

Of the hundreds of photos people post of themselves on Facebook, there are probably about a thousand more they consider unflattering.

Next time your ego starts to say, “I wish I were as photogenic as her…” remember that! Similarly, no one (at least not most people) is going to post about her boring Saturday night spent sitting on the couch watching reruns of 90s sitcoms, waiting for the phone to ring.

People only putout there what they want the world to see, and it isn’t necessarily the whole deal.

Don’t try to live in someone else’s story. Make up your own, starting today. You were given your own unique path to go down, so make the best of it, focus on yourself, and keep on shining as brightly as you already do.

Thank you all for reading.

God bless you all 🙏


Posted by on July 20, 2018.


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