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Memory Lane!! See The 5 Worst Plane Crashes In Nigeria That Left All Of Us In Tears (No 4 Was Too Painful)

They are the dark days in Nigeria. The days nobody wants to talk about. The days that brought sorrow and tears among Nigerians 😩😩

With commercial Air Travel being one of the safest means of transport around the world, also in Nigeria, sadly it has had some of its horrible days.

Naijaloaded Lists the 5 Worst Plane Mishaps In The Country That Made Us All Of Us To Cry 😢😢

Kano Air Crash (Boeing 707)

On 22 January 1973, a charted Boeing 707 carrying 202 pilgrims was on its way from Saudi Arabia to Lagos when it encountered bad weather en route to the Ikeja International Airport. The Pilot sensing danger made the quick decision to divert up North to Kano International Airport.

Unfortunately, the changed destination was also experiencing turbulent weather and on descent, it landed nose wheel first and collapsed, the aircraft subsequently caught fire.

176 passengers and crew died while 26 survived. It is the deadliest air crash on Nigerian soil.

EAS Airlines (Flight 4226)

Flight 4226 was a 46 minutes flight from Kano to Lagos that crashed on 4 May 2002.

The plane which was carrying 69 passengers and 8 crew, reported dual engine failure barely minutes into the flight.

Seconds later, it began to swerve side to side in mid air and then a free fall ensured. It crashed into a school and two mosques with full attendance.

Unfortunately, due to lack of water, fire fighters were unable to douse the resulting fire.

71 persons were killed in the plane while 6 survived the crash. On ground, as many as 78 died while 5 were badly injured.

Bellview Airlines (Flight 210)

22 October 2005 will forever remain a dark day in Nigeria aviation industry.

Flight 210 was on its way from Lagos to Abuja when it suddenly crashed.

There are many unanswered question into this crash: an example is why Bellview airlines hired a pilot who had been out of the his job for 14 years (He was working in a farm during that period), and was also shot in the headduring a robbery attempt some years back.

The plane carrying 117 people on board crashed at high speed in Lisa Village In Ogun State after it reportedly stalled in midair.

All 117 passengers and crew died in the regrettable crash. Some notable names on board were: Abubakar Hauwam S, the then Ministry of Women Affairs and Haydon Joseph, the then US Chief of the Office of Defence Co-operation in US Embassy of Nigeria among others.

Sosoliso Airlines (Flight 1145)

61 school students from Loyola Jesuit College and others lost their lives when Flight 1145 which left Abuja for Port Harcourt, crash landed at the destination Airport on 10 December 2005.

Bad weather and poor pilot judgement resulted in the crash.

The plane slammed into the airport runway on the sad day and caught fire. However, according to reports, many people inside the plane survived the initial impact but died due to the resulting inferno-  Port Harcourt Airport at that time had one fire truck and no ambulances.

108 persons died in the crash while 2 survived.

Dana Air (Flight 992)

On 3 June 2012, Flight 992 was headed to Lagos from Abuja when it encountered double engine failure and subsequently crashed.

Minutes into its flight, American Captain was Peter Waxtan noticed a problem with one of its engine and immediately discussed the predicament with his co-pilot. However, we would never know why he failed to seek help of an Engineer on board or even check his Quick Reference Handbook (A book with helpful guidelines in case of an emergency.)

The plane lost altitude rapidly after the second engine also failed and crashed into a building in Iju-Ishaga, very close to Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

Unfortunately, the fire that started after the crash could not be immediately put out as there was no water for firefighters or available trucks.

All 147 passengers in the Plane diedwhile 10 on ground also perished


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