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Know More About Ybnl Artiste Lyta, His Net Worth, Age, Profile

Here’s the official biography, age, net worth, profile of talented YBNL artiste Lyta.

Lawal Raheem popularly known with the stage name Lyta is a Nigerian singer and song writer  born on July 4, 1998.

He is a native of Kwara state and was born in Ajegunle area of Lagos state.

He was signed into the YBNL record label by Olamide on February 15th 2018 along with a prolific rapper Limerick.

The singer started doing music at the age of 13 and met Olamide at an event where he performed. While being thrilled by his display, he was called up immediately by the YBNL boss for some freestyles and that was how it all started.

Lyta is as good as what the label boss claims and no doubt he is truly a force to reckon with in the industry going by his countless number of hits.

He came to limelight with the release of his song “Time” which also features Olamide.

Since then he has been dropping hits back to back including Ire cover by Adekunle Gold and the remix of his song Time with Junior boy.

His Instagram handle is @official_lyta.

In a recent interview with, he talks about his music career journey and the struggles he faced before entering into the limelight. When asked what other jobs he would be doing if not music, he said,

“If I no dey sing, I don turn Alfa be that”

How did you get the name Lyta?

The name was given to me by Dj Stramborella, he saw me at a show performing and people were clapping and shouting. The day after, he invited me to his house, told me he has a record label in Dublin and asked for my name, I told him my name was Opeyemi and he asked me to change it to Lyta, so that’s how I got the name Lyta.

Did you ever ask him the meaning of Lyta?

I asked him, and he said he gave me the name because anywhere I performed, it’s just amazing, Even though I’m a small boy, they see me and shout. That’s why he gave me the name Lyta.

What’s your birth given name?

My real name is Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim.

You did a cover of ‘IRE’ by Adekunle Gold. In the song, you talked about being looked down on, what was that’s about?

It was like, going for shows I wasn’t invited for, they look down on me because of my size. I still begged to perform, but they won’t let me until almost the end of the show when everyone already left, with no one to clap for me. So I always ended up performing for just the DJ and MC.

Now that you are “out there” do people still underestimate you because of your stature?

“I don’t know O, maybe they think I’m a small boy that can’t sing, but I know I can sing; I’m trying sha”.

Have you ever been bounced from a show?

Yes, severally from clubs, but I won’t mention names. They bounced me saying “who are you? You are too small to enter the club”. I just wanted to perform there, for people to feel me; maybe they thought I came for the alcohol and smoke but I don’t drink or smoke. I only went there to perform, that was my only reason for going there.

How did music start for you?

I started singing when in “Ile- kewu” they call it Arabic School, I used to sing with my alfa, Muslim songs. Later on, I joined a school friend who does hip-hop. I joined him because I liked the way he sings and we started singing together. I started going for freestyle competitions, then later went to the studio.

How old are you?

I am sixteen (16) years-old. People do not believe it though. Some say I’m 20, others say I’m 12, 8 and so on. They are just confused.

How did you get signed into YBNL?

Sometime last December, I met my boss Pass Dollar and Reekado Banks. Pass Dollar took me to a show in January hosted by Ibd Dende and that was where I met Olamide. After I performed, I spoke with Olamide, he liked my performance and he said “welcome to the family” I was very happy. I started the New Year with blessings.


What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is getting signed to YBNL. It makes me thank God every day because I don’t believe it, I only used to dream of it. I am happy because I was accepted into the industry and on the street, they show me love and I’m grateful.

What genre do you classify your music under?
My music is Afro-pop. I sing in Yoruba because that’s the easiest way for me to express myself but you will listen to some of my songs soon that are not in Yoruba.

Is it just music for you and if not music, what would it be?
I was once a barber, engineer (I fixed generators) na everything I don do” and if I’m not singing, “I don turn Alfa be na”

If you were to wake up in another celebrity’s body who would it be and why?
If I am to wake up in any celebrity body it would be Olamide Badoo, because he is very hardworking and all his songs are hits, back to back.

Who are your top five Nigerian artists?
My top five Nigerian artists are; Tuface, Olamide, Wizkid, Reekado Banks and 9ice.

Which artist would you give anything to collaborate with?
Na Reekado Banks o; I don dey dream of Reekado since last year. None of im songs wey I no know, you dey whine me? Make I don feature am, e don finish; I don belle full”.

Which Nigerian female artist would you love to collaborate with?
I would love to feature Tiwa Savage because she can sing anything.

How does it feel to be recognized?
I just cry when I see my fans cheering and shouting my name; I mostly don’t believe it, I’m very happy and I appreciate them a lot. God bless you guys for showing me love.

Do you have a target fan base?
My music is for everybody, especially for the streets.

What inspires your music?
The street inspires my music; the things that happen on the street because I too have been through the street and can relate.